What You Need To Know About Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa in Doral

Pritkin in Doral
Pritkin Longevity Clinic in Doral

It’s shocking the number of Miamians who don’t know that they have one of the world’s most respected longevity centers right in their backyard. People fly to the Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa from all over the country to loose weight, get healthy and beat back a host of modern diseases in luxury.

Pritikin's Lobby
Pritikin’s Lobby

If the name “Pritikin” sounds familiar, that’s because it’s been in Miami since 1975. It was a center in southern California and a bestselling book by Nathan Pritikin, who reversed his own health problems by simply eating a healthy, low sodium, low-fat plant-based diet. The regime is designed to eradicate diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity.

Pritikin Salmon - made with no oil or salt
Pritikin Salmon – made with no oil or salt

But it is more than a place to eat healthy, it’s a real medical center, with doctors, nutritionists and state-of-the-art workout equipment complete with monitors. The minimum stay is generally one week, and they recommend two to get the full effect. They show results too, not just with the scale, but by taking blood at the beginning and end of the visit, and showing marked improvement.  Many folks even healthy enough to ditch their blood pressure medicine and more by the end.

Pritikin Dining Room
Pritikin Dining Room

A few braggy statistics include the following:

  • 71% of people not needing medications after their visit
  • 50% reverse their diabetes diagnosis
  • 76% reduced their mastic blood glucose
  • 11: the average number of pounds men and women loose within three weeks

The way they achieve these results is by keeping you busy with cooking classes, lectures on topics like “mindful eating”, and supervised exercise classes that range from Pilates, to water aerobics to free weights.

The center is more luxurious than most health clinics as Pritikin is on the premises of the Trump National Doral Resort and has recently underwent a renovation at the same time as the resort. That means they share the spa facilities (the main resort spa is actually in the Pritikin building) and there is plenty of mahogany veneers, gold-leaf and Spanish revival, but rest assured, Trump is a totally different and separate entity.

Trump Spa Suites
Trump Spa Suites

The fancy new Trump Spa Suites adjacent to the center and are available for an extra sum, but the regular accommodations are new and very, very nice. They are a bit further from the center, a “short” walk from the main Pritikin grounds a bit closer to the golf resort. Although you might wind up in Trump’s Gary Player Villa, replete with photos of the legendary player, specific rooms have been reserved by Pritikin, so that means there is never anything in the mini bar and you cannot call the hotel and order room service—sorry!

The new spa will be your refuge from the gym and includes a lavish array of aquatherapy amenities, such as aromatherapy-infused steam rooms, experiential showers, hot and cold massaging hydrofalls, Jacuzzis, Finnish saunas infused with the relaxing scents of fragrant wood, rejuvenating cold-water plunges, outdoor solariums and more. pritikin.com