A New Kind Of Nightlife at Skyfall Lounge


When you think of Las Vegas nightlife, you are probably not imagining specially crafted cocktails. That is of course, until now. Skyfall Lounge is re-inventing the standard for cocktails in Las Vegas. No longer will you have to settle for a simple well drink with tonic or concentrated orange juice.

The mastermind behind the world-class mixology you’ll encounter at Skyfall Lounge is Proprietors LLC; who have proven themselves with their creations at world-class places like Death & Co. in New York and Honeycut in Los Angeles. You can expect the same high standard to be represented at Skyfall Lounge. Their impressive list of libations includes offerings like the Leading Edge cocktail with chamomile-infused bullet rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, yellow chartreuse, miraclemile castilian bitters, angostura bitters

“We certainly pushed it with some of the ingredients that went on the menu,” Devon Tarby, a partner of Proprietors LLC told The Malay Mail Online. To which he continued to explain that “The important thing to note is that they are fresh, they are made to order by the bartender. It is a little more interesting than the typical off-the-gun kinda stuff.”

The only thing potentially better than the cocktails is the 180-degree view you’ll have as the backdrop to your night. Skyfall Lounge is located at the lush Delano Hotel and was designed by the talented duo Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku. And if you’re worried about missing out on the always important DJ scene in Las Vegas, don’t fret. Skyfall Lounge has some of the city’s best DJs spinning beats to complete your experience.

Negroni via Skyfall Lounge
Kentucky Colada Photo by Pierre Monetta
Kentucky Colada Photo by Pierre Monetta