Haute 100: The World’s Most Powerful Women Are…


On Monday, June 6th Forbes magazine announced its picks for the World’s Most Powerful Women and many of our Haute 100 listers made the cut.

The list features Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as No. 1. Markel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and has led her constituents through a recession and has opened Germany’s borders to more than a million immigrants from Syria and other Muslim countries in the last several years. Next up is Haute 100 lister Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton has remained the democratic lead in the primaries. She is also the first woman to have advanced this far in a presidential race as well as the first woman to be elected senator from New York. Coming in at No. 3 is Janet Yellen, who is the Chair of the Federal Reserve.

As for the tech world, for the fifth consecutive year in the row, Facebook COO and fellow Haute 100 lister Sheryl Sandberg made the list coming in at No. 7. She has a fortune of $1.4 billion. Sandberg ‘s bestseller Lean In, led to her starting a Lean In nonprofit that supports women in the workplace and women’s empowerment groups. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki ranked at No. 8 overall, HP CEO Meg Whitman came in at No. 9, IBM CEO Virginia “Ginni” Rometty ranked at No. 11, Apple Senior VP Angela Ahrendts placed No. 15, Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz placed No. 20, Alphabet CFO Ruth Porat came in at No. 27, the CEO of Xerox since 2009 Ursula Burns placed No. 34, while Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer came in at No. 55.

According to Forbes, there were 20 newcomers to make the list. Newcomers this year include seven world leaders, two philanthropists, five CEOs, two billionaires, one editor-in-chief, two company chairpersons, and three U.S. Supreme Court justices (who together share No. 23 spot on the list). The magazine also decided to nix a slew of celebrities including Ellen Degeneres, Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie to make room for women in politics.

To see the full list, click here.