5 Haute Must-Try Menu Items at Komali Restaurant

As guests enter Komali the restaurant’s dramatic, contemporary decor sets a cohesive tone to the modern inspired Mexican cuisine offered on the menu. Conveniently located, it’s just minutes from the city’s most trendy spots including Uptown, Highland Park, Downtown and the Oaklawn area.

When owner Emanuel Salinas opened Komali he wanted to create much more than a restaurant, he envisioned a dynamic platform in which to savor the rich culinary customs of his native Mexico and until this day is an active influence over dishes that find there way onto the menu. With food inspired by the traditions Oaxacan pueblos, the Pacific coast of Acapulco, and the latest dining trends from Mexico City, Chef Geovanny Arredondo has masterfully recreated classic Mexican dishes using timeless recipes while combining new, cutting edge trends from Mexico City.

Taking its name from an Aztec world meaning open fire griddle, Komali’s communal table and hand-designed fireplace provide the perfect setting for an intimate dinner or enjoying drinks and a meal with friends. Always enticing Dallasites to broaden their palates its collection of dishes is truly unique. Here is a list of the top five must-try items on the menu.


4152 Cole Ave   #106
Dallas, TX 75204
Tel: 214.252.0200