1 OAK Partner Darren Dzienciol Shares His Desktop Essentials


As a partner of 1 OAK LA, Darren Dzienciol has definitely earned his nightlife impresario badge. From ages 14 through 20, Dzienciol held several positions in the fashion industry, from designing shoes that were featured in music videos to working in a warehouse sewing buttons on jeans. During this time, he was exposed to high-end clients from industry tastemakers to A-list celebrities. He retained these relationships by being active in popular social circles, where he caught the eye of major nightlife moguls, who later took Darren under their wing. After working on several large Iconic projects including The Beverly, Trousdale, Guy’s Nightclub and more, Dzienciol realized his potential and partnered with Richie Akiva and Butter Group to open 1 OAK LA; he has also hosted several international pop-up nightlife ventures during Paris Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival, Coachella, The Super Bowl and more. Even more impressive: Dzienciol is just 30 years old. We know, we’re in awe too. Here, this nightlife guru shares a peak at where he gets his work done by day when he’s not hustling at night. Here are his five desktop essentials.

1. Laptop – as much as everything can be done on your iphones today, I still need to see important content on a bigger screen. I also feel like I’m getting much more done at a quicker speed. Seeing everything open all at once compared to one at a time on a phone makes a big difference to me.

2. Santal 26 candle by Le Labo- it is the only candle I buy for my home or office and at one point, I would get them for the clubs… until people kept stealing them. There is no better smell that exists and it puts me in a great mood!

3. My passport – I am very spontaneous and plan my travels pretty much hours before I take off so I keep this close by at all times.

4. Rosewater hydrating mist – being in nightlife ages you sooner then most. I spray this on my face a dozen times a day to feel refreshed

5. Tom ford sunglasses – My favorite pair of sunglasses and the only pair I make sure not to lose. It was discontinued years ago, but it’s my go-to pair to throw on.