Haute Secrets with Lifestyle Design Expert, Kathy Fielder

Lifestyle Design Expert, Kathy Fielder

Becoming an entrepreneur at the young age of 22, Award-Winning Designer, Kathy Fielder knows a thing or two about hard work and dedication. Inspired by her deep passion for beautiful designs, she pursued a career as a designer, manufacture, lifestyle expert and blogger. Desiring to grow and build upon her experiences she decided to open, Studio Interiors, her very first design firm In 1998. Kathy’s vision, persistence and meticulous work ethic all contributed to earning her countless awards and establishing an illustrious career in a competitive field.

Some of her brands include Isabella Collection by Kathy Fielder, Isabella Collection Linen Co, lbC Design Studio and the launch of Harrison Mercantile, a collection completely manufactured in the United States. Having the opportunity to establish herself as a  recognizable brand names, Kathy was able to create a high demand for her products in prestige retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Horchow, One Kings Lane and Rue La La.

Today, Kathy has expanded her presence in the design and fashion markets by launching Kathy Fielder Design | Life | Style brand which encompasses a wide variety of home, fashion and lifestyle products all made in Dallas, TX USA. She has also developed her Design + Style blog to share her latest lifestyle tips and inspirations.

After many years of hard work and perseverance, Kathy’s products are now sold globally. Her tireless dedication and consistent ability to stay on trend with her designs has gained her a reputable name and a spot at the top of her industry.

Although design has taken center stage in her life, it’s Kathy’s family that is closest to her heart. The busy wife and mother of two loves spending time with her family whether traveling, visiting the sites around Dallas or just enjoying some downtime at home.

Philanthropy plays an important role in Kathy’s life and she actively supports several local charities and non profits. She will be chairing the 2017 Equest Gala, is on the Host Committee for the SPCA’s Fur Ball and she and her husband, Jeromy Fielder are on the 2016 Host Committee for the St. Jude Evening Under the Stars Party and Golf Classic. Finding a way to combine both her passion for giving with her craft, Kathy also works with the Ahadi Collection to help provide manufacturing work in her shop for refugee women.

Consistently growing and craving new challenges one never knows what’s next on the horizon for this perpetual entrepreneur, however one thing is certain, each day that passes brings Kathy closer to fulfilling her dream of providing her clients with timeless designs to be cherished for generations.

How did you begin your career as a lifestyle design expert? I started my first company when I was 22. 6 companies later, lots of mistakes, years of growing, and tons of hard work have helped me grow into an expert in my field — how to make life a little better, brighter, and more fabulous through design.

How would you describe/classify Kathy Fielder as a brand name? KF Design | Life | Style is just that – a lifestyle brand dedicated to combining creative design, style, and small finishing touches – in every aspect of life. From home, fashion, business, social settings, and family – design and style come into play in every space a person occupies.

Going from luxury bedding to fashion and beauty, would you classify KF as a lifestyle brand? Absolutely! Our main focus at KF is still home and lifestyle. We have branched out into beauty and fashion as well, due to the demand in the LA and NY markets – and continue to develop trendsetting products consistently in all categories.

Who were your style icons growing up? I grew up in the 80’s, so retro pop culture, music, and movies really inspired me to be more creative. I have always loved classic style with a touch of edginess (think James Bond).

What do you think has influenced your designs/brand the most? I see a piece of fabric, and I instantly know how to turn it into something more. Knowing that various textures, fabrics, and pops of both vintage and current trends, can work together to reinvent a space, has always been a sweet spot for me.

What design/style icon would be your dream collaboration? Tom Ford!!!! His designs are classic, elegant, sophisticated – and a highly successful and trend-setting luxury brand.

What do you think your biggest challenge in your career? Balancing business, family, friends, and commitments has always been – and will continue to be – a big challenge. They are all important, and family is my top priority, so just living each day to the fullest and putting my best foot forward in all areas is my focus.

How do you think Dallas’ design and fashion industries differ from other places nationally? There is a refined edginess to Dallas that I don’t think you find in other cities across the nation. Dallas is very on-trend, but there’s an element of subtle grace that underlies its design and fashion culture, which is one of the things I adore about Dallas and the South. Dallas is one of a kind and is really coming onto the national and international culture and fashion scenes like never before.

Do you have any mentors and if so; who are they and what did you take away from them? I’ve always been an independent thinker and visionary, with a respect for finding jewels and insight in everyday conversations and everyday life. I believe if you stop and spend time in the moment, you will find that almost anyone you have a conversation with will teach you something. The key is, knowing how to take that knowledge and turn it into something that works for you and inspires you to create something more. I also like to surround myself with other beautiful and successful women, entrepreneurs, and advisors – that can teach me something and add value to my life.

What clothing item could you not live without? I’m addicted to shoes… and jeans! A great pair of shoes can really create a statement in an outfit, and denim are, and will always be, a wardrobe must.

Go to beauty product? Tinted sunscreen

Where does your inspiration come from? Everywhere.  And it’s constant.  My brain never stops creating… Specifically, being engaged in each moment as fully as possible usually brings some sort of moment of inspiration. My goal is to find ways to make life a little more put together so that you don’t have to think about the small things and are able to live fully in the present.

Working on any new projects? Future plans? I’ve been working with a buyer at QVC, and we are discussing launching a full program and show next year.  I’m also working on a new TV segment, which is design based – remodeling a space from start to finish and showing all the little nuances and details that go into making something special, all the while engaging the audience to tell the story. I love the challenge of working in TV and how best to show my audience how to make something extraordinary out of something seemingly ordinary.

Do you work with any non-profits or benefits? I am currently the Director of Development on the Board of Equest (a wonderful organization that uses horse therapy to help veterans and kids with disabilities), and love to work with other charities (ie. St. Jude, SPCA, Art for the Heart, Ahadi Collection, etc.) I really like to build up and inspire others through my business and personal connections.

What’s the key to your success? I never quit. I’m always thinking about ways to improve – be more and do better.

Do you have a mantra or phrase you live by? In the midst of a perfectly awful dilemma or against any and all odds, I am known to say always and often, “It will all work out.”  And quite frankly, it always does, maybe not the way I expected, but it does just the same.  Somehow that phrase helps to take some of the pressure off and lends a little hope – for me and the people around me.  A scoop of positive attitude never, ever hurts anything!

What do you think is the importance of having successful and visible women in business? I am very proud to be a female business owner and entrepreneur, and women have and will continue to take the world by storm in the business world. I am also proud to support our community and country, and am thrilled to be able to design and manufacture my products right here in the USA.

Real Housewives of Dallas Clutch by Kathy Fielder
Real Housewives of Dallas Clutch by Kathy Fielder

Where were you born? Kansas City

How long have lived in Dallas: Almost all of my life in the Dallas Area; Dallas proper for 15 years

Neighborhood: Lakewood!

Occupation: I have quite a few:) Lifestyle & Design Expert, Blogger, Manufacturer, Retailer, Designer, TV Host, Mom, Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Favorite Restaurant: Grange Hall

Best Sushi: Oishii

Best Italian: Campisi’s

Best place for a romantic date: A staycation at the Ritz Club Level

Best Sunday brunch: Anything Mexican! Love Tex-Mex on Sundays!

Best place for a power business meeting: I love meeting at my KF studio on lower Greenville. It’s such a great space and people are always inspired when they see all that we produce and manufacture in the middle of a bustling neighborhood in Dallas.

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? The Ritz Carlton

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: I’m an online shopper because I’m usually limited on time 

Favorite place to buy jewelry/watches: Most of my jewelry is custom designed and ordered at market at Intergem. I’ve been working with them for years. I love to take old pieces that have meaning and reinvent them into something new.

Best Spa: The Spa at The Ritz, The Spa at the Crescent, Exhale – all for different things

Favorite Charity Event: Equest Gala – what’s not to love about horses, boots and a barn! And of course Mad Hatters for all the Glam!

Favorite Cultural Event: Dallas has so much available it’s impossible to pick one event. I am very social and involved in this city that I adore. I keep up with the latest events through CultureMap, D Magazine, PaperCity, Modern Luxury, and a variety of other online event calendars.

Favorite Cultural Institution: The Dallas Arts District is amazing and the largest in the country. Love going to The Winspear for performances.

Best Steakhouse: Nick & Sam’s

Best Pizza: Eno’s pizza- and I ADORE pizza and a great California Cab

Best Lunch: Clark Food & Wine

Best Gym/Athletic Facility: For me it’s all about relationships, and I love Crowbar Cardio & Plum Yoga and the ladies who own and operate them!

Best Massage: A lady named Jan Hill which I met years ago at Exhale and now has her own studio.

Best Limousine/Driving Service: I’m an Uber girl. It’s quick and efficient

Best Museum/Exhibit: The Crow Collection of Asian Art

Describe your city in three words: Dallas – Dynamic, Sexy, & Southern

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore: Florence, Italy

All-around favorite spot in Dallas: Truly, anywhere that I am spending time with my family and friends living and present in the moment  I also spend a lot of time at Lakewood Country Club – for both business and pleasure and am a sucker for a patio in the spring with a glass of bubbles ….

Best Aspect of Dallas: It’s on-trend, up and coming, modern with just a hint of traditional, and very cosmopolitan.









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