Flowbarre Cardio Makes Its Debut In Dallas

Celebrity Pilates Instructor: Kathryn Hunt-Anderson

With summer just around the corner, your workout routine just may need to be taken up a notch. But not to worry, there is a fitness concept that is sweeping the nation, and is about to make its debut in Dallas. On May 20, 2016, Celebrity Pilates Instructor, Kathryn Hunt-Anderson will introduce, Flowbarre Cardio, her new and exciting 30 minute workout combining Yoga, Pilates and Ballet in addition to her practice of capoeira, to create a dynamic workout focused on strength, balance and a heart healthy lifestyle. Applying the core foundations of each discipline, Flowbarre creates a long-lean frame and strong, flexible muscles without bulk.

The amazing success of the exercise program is due to its incredible results. Flowbarre is a total body workout that increases cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility. This program allows its participants to get in the best shape of thier lives while teaching them how to utilize every muscle in their body to achieve a realistic fitness goal that can be maintained forever. It is a low-impact workout that both women and men of all ages can benefit from, and when coupled with good nutrition, the ideal body can be achieved.

Kathryn Hunt-Anderson is an expert in movement and her first dance class, at the age of five, paved the way for what would become a rich background in gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, pilates, and dance of all styles. Living in California, she attended California State University, Long Beach receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree. Keeping dance near her heart she danced professionally with companies throughout Southern California and South America.

With a strong foundation in dance she wanted to explore other disciplines and has now been teaching Pilates for 12 years and practicing for 17. She is a BASI certified instructor studying under Rael Isacowitz, and has trained with master instructors, Diane Severino of Ron Fletcher Pilates, and Karen Clippinger. Kathryn is also the founder of Hunt Pilates in Sherman Oaks, California and a Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor.

It was after giving birth to her daughter and her attempt to lose 45 pounds, that Kathryn came up with the concept behind Flowbarre. Enrolling in barre classes to help her shed the weight, soon she realized there were components missing from the class that were keeping her from achieving her fitness goals. She then decided to design her own barre method using her extensive experience as a professional dancer and fitness expert. After 6 months of doing her new program 3 times per week, Kathryn had lost the 45 extra pounds and Flowbarre was born!

Now on DVD, Flowbarre Cardio is the second DVD in a series. Kathryn’s previous DVD titled, “Tri’s, Thighs, and Killer Abs” is a 15-minute workout comprised of Pilates-based mat exercises, and is sold on Amazon.com.

Currently, she teaches Flowbarre classes at Crowbar Cardio Fitness Studio in Dallas (www.crowbarcardio.com), located at 5726 Belmont Avenue – in the Lower Greenville District. The official launch and premiere party for the new Flowbarre Cardio DVD will be held on Friday, May 20th from 6:00pm-10:00pm at the W Hotel Dallas (Altitude, 33rd Floor) in the Victory Park area of Dallas. Guests will get a sneak peek at the routine format, meet the Celebrity Pilates Instructor and mingle while enjoying fabulous sips and DJ sounds.

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For more information on Flowbarre Cardio, contact Kathryn Hunt-Anderson at huntkc@hotmail.com or (818) 823-0249.

Flowbarre Cardio is now available for purchase on Amazon by visiting: http://www.amazon.com/Flow-Barre-Cardio-Kathryn-Anderson/dp/B01C6EX9B4

Flowbarre Cardio DVD

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