What To Expect From London’s Most High-Tech Hotel

‘The future is now’ has never been so true. We have surpassed Back To The Future’s future, and have publicly entered the technological era of time. While we’ve seen homes and businesses adapt to new technologies, most hotels have stuck to their traditions. That too, is all about to change. London’s Eccleston Square Hotel is leading the way for fully revolutionized applications to standard hotel processes. They are officially London’s most high-tech hotel.

The 5-star boutique hotel nestled in Belgravia is entirely decked out in high-tech amenities. For starters, each room includes an iPad as a digital concierge, complimentary smartphone with unlimited data, a 3D television, SmartGlass bathroom walls, touch sensors, a £12,000 Hastens massage bed, and it doesn’t stop there.

Before we get to all the other incredible technology Eccleston uses, let’s talk about the hotel itself. From the outside, you’d probably never guess the modernity that lies within. The historical building exudes an elegance that is perfectly complemented by the contemporary inside. At Eccelston Square Hotel you’ll be surrounded by Murano glass chandeliers, Promemoria furnishings, high ceilings and large glass windows. Together, these elements create a light and tasteful ambiance conducive to relaxation.

Getting back to the technology, here are 11 applications to look forward to during your stay at Eccleston Square Hotel:

1.Each of the 39 rooms include all of the hotel’s high-tech bells and whistles, including wide-screen 3D televisions and a plush, adjustable massage bed.

2.The Italian-marbled bathrooms are kitted with underfloor heating and a flatscreen TV embedded in the mirrors.

3.Guests can watch 3D movies from the hotel’s Blu-ray DVD collection in bed on 46” 3D Neoplasma Panasonic televisions.

4.Each room includes an iPad 2, which doubles as concierge and guest services.

5.Each hand-made, high-end Hastens bed (worth £12,000) has zoned massage controls with electronically adjustable positions.

6.Bathrooms feature SmartGlass, transforming shower walls and bathroom doors from opaque to crystal clear with the touch of a button.

7.Nearly every room amenity is controlled by touch sensors, including floor-to-ceiling curtains, lighting, and temperature

8.Rooms have the ultimate range of connectivity capabilities, with UK, USA, and EU plug outlets and various ports.

9.As of March 2016, the hotel now supplies free-to-use smartphones through phone company handy, which provides free international calls and unlimited cellular data.

10.The hotel’s ground-floor media lounge features a massive 103” 3DHD Cinema Screen and provides complimentary Wi-Fi and plentiful ports

11.Tapas 37 is their new flagship restaurant, serving French-inspired tapas from Michelin star-trained Chef Matt Laville in an intimate dining space

That’s all folks.