Haute Secrets Dallas: Life Coach and Author Jacqueline Elizabeth

Jacqueline Elizabeth
Spokesperson for Empowerment: Jacqueline Elizabeth

There’s very little to dislike about a woman that greets another woman by saying “Hello Goddess.”  Coming from others this simple phrase may come across as pretentious, but when uttered from the lips of renown life coach, Jacqueline Elizabeth, the words acquire a sentimental connotation. Within moments of meeting her something extraordinary begins to happen that one could write off as coincidental but rarely is. All of the sudden things that you’ve neglected to think about in years, pop into your mind and before you know it, you instantly begin to enter a space of positivity and reflection.

Once a speaker in Tony Robbins’ famous life coaching organization, Jacqueline has gone on to become an international speaker, life coach, author and founder of her own consulting organization, Jacqueline International Inc. She has been a successful life coach and speaker working with CEO’s, Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations all over the world offering her audiences unique, inspiring and engaging life changing events. With her timeless ability to empower her audiences her events can be personalized to meet the many needs of any corporation or private event.

Beyond public speaking, Jacqueline is an influential spokesperson for empowerment in her roles as a private and group life coach. As a life coach she acts as a mentor while guiding her clients to reenforce their commitment to manifest their personal goals and dreams into their daily lives.

In 2011 Jacqueline published her first book, “Get to Good” named after her mantra. She believes that the ability to get to good lies solely with the individual and that we are the fortune tellers of our own destiny. The book acts as a personal guide to help successfully access one’s personal alignment causing them to a lead a more fulfilled life. Continuously reflecting on her mantra, Jacqueline is in a constant state of metamorphosis and says, “The woman I was yesterday introduced me to woman I am today, and I am excited to meet who I will become tomorrow!”

Haute Living sits down with Jacqueline to find out some of her favorite spots around Dallas that help fuel her positive energy!

Where were you born: New York

How long have lived in Dallas:  25 years

Neighborhood: Victory Park

Occupation: Spokesperson for Empowerment, Life Coach

Favorite Restaurant: Local

Best Sushi: Nobu

Best dessert: Steel City Pops

Best Sunday brunch: St. Annes

Best place for a power business meeting: Trulucks

Which hotel would you recommend for out of town guests: The Joule

Favorite shopping venue/boutique: Gucci

Best Spa: The Joule

Favorite Charity Event: Make A Wish

Best Steakhouse: Nick & Sams

Best Lunch: R&D

Best Gym/Athletic Facility: Equinox

Best Museum/Exhibit: Nasher

Describe your city in three words: Prosperous, Elevated and Connected

All-around favorite spot in Dallas: Klyde Warren Park Area

Best Aspect of Dallas: Forward thinking with Dallas charm.

How do you spend your downtime? Holidays at the beach, spa and creating new empowerment content!

What Dallas social event do you look forward to all year? Live Music Events

Biggest Accomplishment: Living my calling for Global Empowerment; STARDUST EVERYWHERE! And being privileged to be Zara Elle’s Mother!

If anyone would like to be included on the mailing list for upcoming Jacqueline Elizabeth, LIVE Empowerment Events please visit her website at: www.jacquelineinternational.com to register or email her directly at: Jacqueline@jacquelineinternational.com