Come PLAY: Dubai’s Luxe New Restaurant & Lounge

PLAY Restaurant & Lounge has quickly become the latest hotspot among Dubai urbanites, drawing in an eclectic and elegant crowd that continues to be impressed by PLAY’s impeccable décor and unparalleled cuisine. PLAY has created a dining experience like no other by introducing its guests into a world of expression and creativity through its unique interiors and bespoke menu.

Renowned design firm Gatserelia Design, which was founded by Gregory and Alexander Gatserelia, envisioned the immaculate décor of PLAY. Consisting of an international team of architects, designers, landscape architects and consultants, the company has gained reputable stature in the world of design. Driven by fascination with material and a passion for design, reactions to their work have always been immense awe.

Guests are welcomed by a breeze of luxury lights as they pass through the stylish doors of PLAY. The decor reflects a vibrant expression of shapes, lines, and subtle reflections inspired by the Dubai skyline.

Dark, sculptural and enticing, the entrance is the first element that defines what is to come, as PLAY slowly unveils itself guiding its guests into a dinning space that is unlike any other. By its graphical grid PLAY is an interpretation of the reflection of Dubai, the Middle Eastern city of lights, conveying the city’s cosmopolitan energy through design expression.

The impressive floor to ceiling windows that run alongside the dining area, compliment the interiors and showcase the connection between design and reality, elevating guests into this playful world of modern luxury, and contemporary experimentation.

“Entering PLAY, guests are immediately transported into this playful world, a world of clouds and dream, of lights, of gold dust, a world so different created by each and every design element that it seems to be born from a dream that has been going on forever,” explains Gregory Gatserelia.

The shooter bar at PLAY is designed to create a lounge area for guests to playfully enjoy their night and allow them to take in views of the sea while overlooking the captivating dining area.
The main bar is equally as impressive and is an interpretation of modern design elements and breathtaking Art Deco accents that illuminate the space making the bar area, full of vibrant energy that is at the center of this playful world.

Going deeper into the restaurant lounge area, we see the full concept of PLAY come together in a cohesive and elegant manner giving new meaning to what a dining experience truly should be. The VIP area dominating the space, is full of eclectic and Art Deco accent pieces, comfy seating, a sculptural ceiling, energetic walls, and lots of clear space for people to stand and move and reflective materials which come together to transform PLAY into a chic and sophisticated world. It has all the ingredients for the see and be seen of Dubai’s elite to feel at home in this playful and inspiring space.

The interplay of lights and shapes, paint this space with an exceptional dining attitude, envisioned through an artistic eye that has resulted in a space as vibrant as the city it is in.

Noble materials, modern interpretation, fluid space, adapted seating arrangement where no one feels left out, a service setting that avoids crossing and facilitates circulation all fuse together in a fluid and playful manner, that has established PLAY as space that is not only a restaurant or a lounge, but an immaculate world of creative expression that defines PLAY as an all encompassing dining experience.