3 Reasons You Should Cozy Up To SF’s Cozymeal

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Cozymeal, Chef James

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The sheer number of City-by-the-Bay restaurants ensures that San Franciscans can enjoy a different eatery for breakfast, lunch and dinner with nary a looming repeat. We are blessed with good food, great choices and ambiance galore. But sometimes even we restaurant lovers just want a nice, home cooked meal in the comfort of our own home – or that of a friend. Now, we can have our blackberry galette and eat it too. Cozymeal, launched in 2014, brings top chefs to your place, or invites you to their stylish homes – for upscale and haute home meals. Relax and unwind as Cozymeal’s team of culinary experts prepares for you and your guests a delicious dinner to savor. Here are three of Cozymeal’s hautest dining experiences:

1) Gourmet French Cooking with Chef Alejandra. In this upscale, French cooking class, Chef Alejandra guides you through an exquisite three-course menu, starting with Cocotte of Wild Mushrooms with Poached Egg and Truffle Oil; Grilled Duck Breast with Apricot Sauce and Potato Gratin; finished with a delicate Rose Apple Pie, a hand crafted Michelin-inspired dessert. Originally from Ecuador, Chef Alejandra lived, studied and worked in France for years and has experience working with several three Michelin star chefs. From savory dishes of South America to Thai fusion to Cambodian cuisine, Chef Alejandra offers experiences that span the globe. Providing guests with a culinary adventure without ever leaving San Francisco, Chef Alejandra hosts experiences at her lovely home in the Marina with a beautiful kitchen and gorgeous rooftop deck.

2) Six-Course Dinner with Wine Pairings for Two with Chef James. Enjoy a romantic evening for two with your own private chef. Chef James offers a bespoke six-course menu – including roasted bay scallops, Di Stefano burrata, fresh pasta, Wolfe Ranch quail, blackberry galette and more. Each course includes custom wine pairings from Chef James while guests relax and enjoy the evening at his beautiful San Francisco home in Haight-Ashbury. Chef James has learned to cook all over the world. His menus feature Italian and Spanish inspired dishes of the highest quality, and use only locally grown, artisanal ingredients.

3) An Elevated French Crêpe Experience with Chef Anja. The traditional French crêpe receives an upscale twist in Chef Anja’s newest experience. Made with the finest, most luxurious ingredients, this elevated crepe cooking class will introduce you to a variety of exquisite delicacies – including foie gras with shaved truffle and gold reisling jelly or smoked arctic char with crème fraîche and caviar. Chef Anja has been cooking since she was just thirteen years old, fueling a passion which blossomed into a career that took her from her hometown of Tahoe City to pursuing a career as a professional chef in France. While there, she went to cooking school in Montpellier and apprenticed at Michelin Star restaurants in Lyon. Since then, she has launched a successful personal catering business, cooking dynamic dishes from a French-Californian perspective with a healthy, flavorful emphasis in mind.

For more information about Cozymeal and these dining experiences, visit www.cozymeal.com.

Chef Alejandra
Chef Alejandra

Photo Credit: Cozymeal