Mardi Gras: 5 Best King Cakes in Dallas

Mardi Gras is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing; king cake! Although not observed nationally, every year thousands look forward to the traditional practices of this holiday and Dallas is no different.

Mardi Gras otherwise known as Fat Tuesday is on February 9th signaling the last day of indulgence and marking the arrival of Lent. The season is filled with beads, masks, parades, costumes and debauchery making the phrase laissez les bon temps rouler French for, “let the good times roll,” the perfect way to describe this hedonistic holiday. The king cake is one of the most coveted traditions of Mardi Gras. Traditionally, it is made from a ring of twisted cinnamon roll dough, can be filled with a number of fillings and topped with purple, green and gold icing or sugar. Hidden somewhere in the cake is a small figurine of a baby that has become a customary good luck charm. In some instances, the lucky one that finds the trinket is designated as the person to supply the king cake for the next party. Over the years, king cakes have been shared at parties with family or friends and has remained a significant tradition of Mardi Gras. So in order to help you get your good times rolling, Haute Living has hunted down 5 of the best king cakes in Dallas.