Dallas: Want to Be Iconic? Start Here

 What we wear has an incredible impact on how we feel and how others see us.-Bobbi Schwartz
What we wear has an incredible impact on how we feel and how others see us.-Bobbi Schwartz

Photo Credit: Julien Jeanneau

It doesn’t matter if your clothing budget is $20,000.00 or $200.00, it can be difficult to find that perfect look that says classy, in control, professional, and totally gorgeous. Pulling together a timeless wardrobe just doesn’t come naturally for some of us, and honestly — who has time to visit a personal stylist? Do you?

We didn’t think so.

Shopping at Neiman’s (or Saks or at that awesome boutique) while totally soul-satisfying, often leaves us with a closet full of clothes that never quite look the way we imagined they would. So we go shopping on our brief lunch hours, or between leaving the office and picking up the dry cleaning. And the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

Sound familiar?

Let us introduce you to Dallasite Bobbi Schwartz and your new virtual life coach/personal stylist/etiquette advisor, Be Iconic StyleThe website has videos, instruction on dressing professionally and timelessly, fitness, travel, and beauty advice. You know, the stuff that you didn’t learn at Hockaday. There are experts to walk you through every one of the things that life throws at you so that you’ll be stylish, confident, and in control. And you’ll get all of that in the most convenient time for you because you can access the site at anytime of the day or night.

Who doesn’t want that?

Schwartz says, “One of the fastest ways to increase self-confidence and achieve a new outlook on the world is a change in one’s clothing. What we wear has an incredible impact on how we feel and how others see us. It’s important to make sure we are always putting our best possible image out there for the world to see.”

Here’s an example — holiday parties mean cocktails and cocktail looks. We went to the page for cocktail looks and found detailed but succinct information about what to wear for various types of occasions. We would have guessed the little black dress but never in a million years would we have considered wide leg silk pants with a cashmere sweater and cute, strappy sandals — brilliant! Once we’ve been inspired by her ideas she shows us several items that we can purchase to create our version of the look.

We love it.

Bobbi Schwartz is well known amongst fashion houses all over the world. She’s worked with Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus, for example. And, as much as we do love our favorite fashion bloggers, she is not a 20 something that has a knack for putting outfits together and writing about it. She has been in the fashion industry for decades and she looks amazing.

Be Iconic Style is a subscription based site that allows you to get personal advice. Ultimately you’ll be saving money on your clothes because the outfits will go together and you’ll be buying quality clothes for your wardrobe that last forever and never go out of style. The website provides style and wardrobe advice—including how-to videos and articles—on such areas as shopping trends, skin care, makeup, body and hair, fitness, travel and shopping for teenagers.

Check it out.