Dallas: Global Peace Coffee Does Good

Global Peace Factory not only has amazing coffee but they also give 2 percent to charity.
Global Peace Factory not only has amazing coffee but they also give two percent to charity.

Photo Credit: Global Peace Factory

Goodwill to all mankind, except maybe the guy that stole your parking spot, is a popular idea during the holiday season. Between the Hallmark Channel and the Budweiser commercials  our feelings are raw and we’re more emotional than usual so we’re more enthusiastic about giving than we might be in January when we start thinking about taxes. At Global Peace Factory they’re enthusiastic about giving all year long plus they offer something in return.

That elixir of life commonly known as coffee.

This altruistic company’s goal is to promote world peace through, as they like to call it, coffee, clothing, and charity. Let’s concentrate on the coffee. Every time you sit down to enjoy coffee and maybe a nibble of something sweet you’ll be contributing toward charity because GPF gives away at least two percent of everything they make to various causes. They give not only money but goods and services as well. And while that is wonderful, if their coffee wasn’t good it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to anyone because no one want’s to sip lousy coffee.

But theirs is not lousy. It is some of the best coffee that we’ve enjoyed in DFW.

The staff has been trained by a team of West Coast coffee specialists, including a World Champion Barista. They got that extra mile and when they add creamy art to the top of our coffee it actually looks like art, not like a squiggle of cream that didn’t get mixed in properly. While other coffee houses will only substitute for milk if you ask upfront the baristas at Global Peace Factory ask upfront if you would prefer almond milk or whatever. We love that extra touch of personal service.

We’re partial to the brown sugar latte with an almond croissant on the side (followed by several hours in the gym) but we honestly haven’t had anything that we didn’t like. The decor is Industrial Modern. Michelle Nussbaumer, voted one of the five most influential designers in the country by Elle Décor and the recipient of many national and international awards, is the designer. The seating is comfortable and you can reserve the upstairs seating area if you are planning an event.

Located in Frisco, it’s a great little spot to revive yourself after a long day of holiday shopping. Added bonus is that it is a small, local business rather than an international chain.