Dallas: Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Anatole

shutterstock_155891603We hope that you have the majority of your holiday preparations done because Christmas is just a few days away and it’s not too early to be thinking about what you’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve.

We love the Anatole for a lot of reasons but this time of year we love it for the New Year’s Eve party that they throw. It’s just so much more civilized to celebrate and then take an elevator to your luxurious room to sleep it off. This year Kellie Raspberry will be the host of the Kiss FM New Years Eve Party located in the Chantilly Ballroom. You’ll dance until you drop to today’s top hits. There are dinner reception stations so you wan’t risk starvation and an open bar until midnight then a cash bar until 1 a.m. At midnight you’ll welcome 2016 in to Dallas with a champagne toast.

When you’re totally partied out you can slip back to your suite and get a good night’s sleep without worrying about blood alcohol levels or the drive home. You’ll enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the morning (hopefully they include a couple of Alka-Seltzers) and pick your car up from valet when you’re ready to head home.

You can order the tickets online, and we suggest ordering them immediately, but you’ll have to pick them up in the Chantilly Foyer on the night of the event. They’ll be available starting at 6 p.m. No tickets will be mailed no matter how much extra cash you offer them, sad but true. You’ll need a wristband to get into the party and you can’t get them until check-in.

The ballroom doors open at 8 so we’d suggest checking in at 6 then heading back up to your suite to catch up on social media or watch a movie until it’s time for the party. That way you avoid crowds and can sweep into the Chantilly Ballroom without having stood in line for an hour. You’re welcome.

There is a dress code, of course, and you are asked to wear festive New Years attire. It seems strange to us that they would even have to mention that but we’ve come to realize that Dallas has changed a lot over the years. Fashion etiquette has gone the way of big hair and white gloves in North Texas. Pull out the heirloom sparklies and use the occasion for an excuse to grab that Elie Saab that you saw at Neiman’s. There won’t be a better time to wear it.