Introducing A Cocktail Made From Your Tears

Cry a river, build a cocktail and get over it! At least that’s what UK culinary artists Sam Bompas and Harry Parr suggest. You may know them as the minds behind “breathable alcohol.” Well, the two infamous inventors have outdone themselves again with a way to literally distill human emotion. No joke. Using your tears, Bompas & Parr have created one their most unique cocktails yet.

So how does it work? Step 1; you’ve got to cry. If you can’t make yourself cry thinking about the end of The Notebook or Titanic, a strong-smelling menthol can be used to induce tears. If none of the above gets your eyes watering, you can have your eyes massaged to draw out moisture. Step 2; you’ve got to choose what your tears will taste like. Bompas and Parr have curated a variety of spices and herbs to flavor your tears with that are then added to a neutral-tasting spirit. Step 3; you drink your own tears.

“We often work from a historical point of view,” a Bompas & Parr spokesperson told Mashable. “There are stories from the American Civil War where women were said to have cried into bottles and saved them for when their husbands come home. It has a sort of magic about it, saving these emotions.”

Bompas & Parr will be teaching the art of crying for cocktails in their upcoming workshop series. They are promoting your tears as the ultimate holiday “gift of you.” While this upcoming cocktail workshop series is fully booked, you can find out what they’re up to next right, and when you can create your tearful drink here.



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