Inside The Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Supper Club

When walking up the velvet-covered steps of the historic ‘21’ Club, the Sinatra Supper Club awaits. A lavish room covered in beige wallpaper with golden accents and an intricately designed burgundy carpet, it is a flashback to the 40s and 50s, a time of elegant gentlemen and blushing ladies. On entering the room, one is welcomed by an extraordinary oil painting of a young group of friends, chatting and drinking what we suspect to be whiskey, in a 1920s setting. On the wall opposite, are large charcoal portraits of Monroe look-a-likes – all with porcelain complexions and perfect blonde curls.Bringing a maroon light onto the otherwise pearly white table, are glasses of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century – the smoothest of all Jacks – paying homage to the great Frank Sinatra on his 100th birthday. VIP diners include singer-songwriter Alice Smith and Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, the man every whiskey fanatic should thank for giving us Jack. On the corner of the dining room is a small bar, where three elegant bartenders in white blazers prepare the night’s hand-crafted cocktails: “Frank’s Way,” “Sinatra Manhattan” and “Single Barrel Old Fashioned.”
The gourmet three-course dinner begins with a classic caesar salad, followed by a choice of red snapper or steak with a side of asparagus and baked potatoes. As a grand finale to the all-american meal is a small circular cheesecake garnished with bites of dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream.
As a gift to the world for Frank’s 100th, Delta and Jack Daniel’s will be serving Sinatra Century on every flight departing JFK to LAX on December 12th, keeping the whiskey tradition alive one more day, as Frank would’ve wanted it. Having partnered with some of today’s top Toastmakers – as seen on Jack Daniel’s current campaign – such as Grammy award-winner Michael Bublé, and soulful singer Alice Smith, Jack Daniel’s gives whiskey and Sinatra fans a night to remember. Ending the evening with a toast to everyone’s favorite jazz singer, Jeff Arnett utters a few words of wisdom, adding: “and as Frank used to say, may you live to be one-hundred and may my voice be the last one you hear.” Cheers!Happy 100th Sinatra!