Céline in Highland Park Village Brings Quiet Elegance to Dallas Style

Céline opened its doors in Highland Park Village in October.
Céline opened its doors in Highland Park Village in October.

Photo Credit: Highland Park Village

You’ve shopped for everyone else for weeks and now it’s time to bring the focus back to you. Spring 2016 is fast approaching and it’s time to make sure that your closet isn’t left behind.

Thanks to television shows like Dallas, GCB, and (we expect) Housewives of Dallas we’ve often been depicted as dressing a little differently, a little more ostentatiously, than the rest of the country. Big hair, diamond studded boots, and Neiman Marcus aside, those twangy fake accents and cleavage baring costumes are just not us. More than ever before the fashionable Dallas woman is dressing in what our grandmother’s would have called gracious elegance. As if to prove it, Céline opened its doors in Highland Park Village in October. The shop’s interior is inspired by the Paris flagship store on Avenue Montaigne and makes us long for Paris and a weekend of shopping.

The interior is inspired by the flagship store in Paris.
The interior is inspired by the flagship store in Paris.

Photo Credit: Céline

The French company is known for simple, classic lines but refuses to sell its products online. There has always been that frenzied quest to find the bag that you are looking for in the limited shops and boutiques where the brand is available. Now that we have our very own Céline boutique we can spend that time on other important pursuits like popovers in the Zodiac Room.

The boutique carries bags, sunglasses, leather goods, clothing, and shoes. We are totally smitten with the long lines of the paper-bag waisted, navy blue baggies and blousy, button-down Oxford shirts that they’re showing for Spring. It’s a marriage of classic and boho styles that creates an entirely new look. It’s the bags that we love, though. Rounded lines with roomy interiors, decorative stitching applied with European restraint, and sturdy straps and handles that will hold up for a lifetime. These are not froufrou bags that you treat carefully and keep for those special occasions that call for heirloom jewelry and delicate clutches. These are bags that will look great with everything from the simple black sheath you wear into the office to your very best jeans and Tony Lama’s. These bags will last for centuries.

Dallas women have always had their own sense of style that works for us. We can pull off everything from pearls and white gloves to big hair and stilettos. Céline fits right in with fashions that work with everything. Located between Balenciaga and Bandier, Céline is a welcome addition to the most exclusive shopping destination in Dallas.