5 NYC Winter Fashion Trends You Can’t Live Without

Winter in New York City, although beautiful at first sight, usually turns out to be a difficult time for various reasons, one of them being the fact that it is just very hard to look cute. Many of us girls tend to do one of two things: either go for the amazing outfit and freeze as soon as we leave the house but try to endure the cold nonetheless, or go for the very warm and practical outfit and end up looking like a winter burrito – a.k.a not cute at all. There comes a point as a New Yorker when you are pretty much sick of doing both of those things and you don’t understand why you can’t have the best of both worlds, it looks easy on the runway! Luckily, this year’s winter trends are actually quite practical and of course incredibly stylish, perfect for this NYC winter… that may or may not come. The trends are: All Knitted Everything, Winter Blooms, Monochrome, Super-Hero Coats and Athletic Fashionista.

Knits are a must every winter, mostly because the cold automatically means sweater-weather and also because they’re adorable and make us feel cozy. Some of this year’s top knits include Barbara Bui’s knitted ponchos, Sansovino 6’s color-block sweaters and Chanel’s knitted coats in metallic fabrics. Florals don’t have a season (well maybe spring) but in my opinion, winter florals are by far the most elegant of them all. Everything looks amazing on models, but this floral dress is cream and burgundy is designs is the perfect mix of femininity and classicism. For monochrome we suggest Michael Kors’ deep blues and tans; elegance is key! Super-hero coats are found in many runways this winter, some of our Haute favorites being Chloé and Max Mara. Lastly, for the tomboy lady, there is Athletic Fashionista, one of the season’s most coveted trends and shinning this winter in the catwalks of Marc Jacobs, Ashish Gupta and Jeremy Scott, among others.

All Knitted Everything 

Sweater-weather is on with these gorgeous nude knits and smooth style. With this elegant and minimalist look, your natural beauty will shine like never before.

Winter Blooms

The garden of earthly delights is here to stay. Contrast your sleek dark look with a pop of rose red or burgundy and be in true New York style, rain or shine.


There are some colors you just can’t wear enough of. Go for pastels or deep jewel hues when you try this trend and accessorize with some fabulous pumps or a statement necklace. Don’t be afraid to throw on a fur, this winter’s the time to get fashionista crazy!

Super-Hero Coats

There is no way you will be cold in this winter’s maxi coats. Make a statement and look like a boss by adding these babies to your look. No one will doubt your super-woman abilities now!

Athletic Fashionista

Let out your inner tomboy with this fun trend and find an excuse to wear comfy clothes and still look on fleek! With vibrant reds, casual grays and metallic sneakers, this trend is one of the greatest.