Inside The Seasonality of Plastic Surgery


For most of us who reside in a climate that allows for seasons to change, fall is upon us. This means returning from summer homes and holidays and setting back at work. The brisk air brings nostalgia of school days and fall travel. There is a transition from shorts to suits and skirts to slacks.

The brisk temps make this time of year the perfect season for Kybella, the world’s first fat dissolving injection. The injectable received its FDA approval nearly six month ago for permanently reducing the appearance of the double chin. Allergan (makers of Botox and Juvederm) completed the acquisition just days ago of Kythera, the former parent company of Kybella, and expects to increase awareness of this permanent fat reducer and its capabilities in the ensuing month.

Immediately after the injection, patients experience temporary swelling while the medication takes effect. This has led to several of my patients leaving the office and making a quick detour to Louis Vuitton two blocks away before carrying on with their day. When returning to the office for a follow-up or subsequent round of treatments, my patients adorn their neck with their new accessories and display improved profiles, while telling me how fall and winter is the perfect time for them to “melt away” their double chins and hide their temporary swelling with a new muffler.

There has always been seasonality in plastic surgery. We as surgeons prepare for certain times of the year where we see spikes in numbers of patients seeking similar treatments. Late winter and spring is always big for breast and body contouring (no pun intended). Patients want to heal in time for summer and have their “beach body” ready. My female patients tell me that they can hide any swelling or temporary bruising under layers of sweaters. When spring hits, they tell me that they will be ready for a whole new wardrobe and can’t wait to buy tops they can fill out and shorts to show off sculpted thighs. My male patients tell me that they can also wear any temporary compression garments under collar shirts and suits and be back at the office without anyone knowing they are on their way to having a more defined torso after liposculpting.

It all makes sense and seems practical. With fall here, I notice a spike in patients seeking aesthetic refinements to the face. My patients tell me that they want to look great and refreshed after being away during the summer. More importantly, patients tell me that the holidays are coming up and they want to look their best, since they have not seen many of the individuals at Thanksgiving Dinner since the last one.

This fall, the procedure that many people will be seeking is neck rejuvenation and contour improvement of the jawline. This follows previously noticed trends of increased interest in facial surgery prior to the winter months. One used to require formal surgery to improve the appearance of a double chin – liposuction or a neck lift. Now, an injectable can help. I suspect this fall and winter for many to be hiding well healing double chins after undergoing injections. After all, scarf season is upon us.

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