How Kybella Can Perk Up A Sagging Profile


shutterstock_173370080Here’s what you need to know: Kybella is the first FDA-approved injectable that dissolves fat.

You heard us: dissolves fat! The injectable is made of deoxycholic acid, which destroys fat cells under the chin and leaves the skin substantially tighter and more contoured. That means that once the fat is gone, there’s no fear of droopy skin.

Dr. Sachin Shridharani, chief surgeon at Luxurgery, was the first plastic surgeon in NYC/Manhattan who offered Kybella to treat the double chin to improve overall jawline contour. Dr. S (as he is known to his clients), was amongst a small group in the US that was invited to be a faculty trainer, and as such trains other doctors in the application of Kybella.

Luxurgery's front door
Luxurgery’s front door

Which can be tricky. Kybella must be applied by someone who not only has a firm grasp on face structure, but the underlying structures as well. If a doctor were to hit the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve, the patient could end up with an asymmetrical smile. If the doctor doesn’t insert the needle deep enough, it could cause skin ulceration. In other words, go to the best when thinking about ridding yourself of the extra waddle.

What is it like to receive the Kybella injections? Easy as pie, as long as you have no important plans for a couple of days. Once seated in the comfy treatment chair at the opulent Luxurgery offices, Dr. S places a temporary tattoo of tiny dots, which tells him where to place the injections and allows him to give you a price for the treatment. Once the plan is confirmed, lidocaine is injected into the treatment area and after that, you don’t feel a thing.

Dr. S' office
Dr. S’ office

Expect swelling, maybe a lot of it, right after the procedure. The swelling peaks about 24-36 hours after the injections, then recedes slowly over the next week to 10 days. Along with the swelling is tenderness, redness and maybe bruising (although the needles used are small, so they don’t do that much damage to the skin).

Dr. S tells is when he injects into the submental fat, Kybella destroys fat cells, which are then reabsorbed by the body. Patients can receive up to 50 injections in a single session, with as many as six sessions total, coming at least one month apart. The average treatment lasts 30 minutes for the first appointment, and 15 to 20 minutes for each subsequent one.
Before & After 1 (1)Currently, Kybella is green lighted only for use under the chin, but the results, even in this small area, are astounding.

The best news? This is not like many other injectables in that the result disappears after six months or a year. The fat is destroyed, so the results are permanent.

If you’re interested in receiving Kybella injections, now is the perfect time!. Scarf weather is the perfect cover while your neck heals. To learn more, contact Dr. S’ office.