Emmy Awards Governors Ball Producer Cheryl Cecchetto Shares Her Desktop Essentials



Hollywood special events producer Cheryl Cecchetto has a simple strategy for success: “We’re not in the business of selling ‘events,’ we’re in the business of creating experiences and memories that linger long after the last dance. People celebrating life, that’s what it’s all about, that’s what makes the world go ‘round.” This philosophy has helped Cecchetto achieve success through her Los-Angeles based events company, Sequoia Productions, which has conceived, designed, and delivered top-flight celebrations, small and large to the most discriminating of private and corporate clients for over a quarter century. Cheryl’s calls to duty include a 25-year tenure as producer, designer and director of the seminal Academy Awards® Governors Ball, and 18 years in the same position for the Emmys® Governors Ball. Here is a peak at this top notch events producer’s desktop essentials.

  • Tea: I’m up at 5 AM, my favorite time, answering emails and organizing my day right next to the kitchen, before my family comes to life. A cup of tea invigorates, soothes and focuses me all at the same time. I’m doing my best to switch from Earl Grey to Green tea. Ohmmmmmmm.
  • Photos: A gentle reminder of the “big” picture, as well as how time screams by and we mustn’t miss it. Photos of our children are outdated almost as fast as we can frame them.
  • Cell Phone: Most often I use my phone for actually TALKING. My passion is the satisfaction of bringing people together, so whenever humanly possible I prefer meeting face-to-face and heart-to-heart. Typing takes so long. My favorite text: “When can you meet for tea?”
  • Books: People ask me so often, “Where do you get all your ideas? How do you keep repeat clients happy?” I love losing myself in books about design, architecture, art, cultural trends, emerging technologies and creative people. I prefer holding a real book and turning the pages. Post notes are my friends
  • Glasses: With my head frequently lost in the creative clouds, my family and staff are on constant lookout for misplaced spectacles. Either I have 5 pair or I can’t find any. One year, to celebrate my birthday, every member of my staff stood up, spoke for a moment about some eccentricity of mine, and presented me with another pair of reading glasses. I’ve used and lost most of them. My assistant keeps a handful in her drawer.