Q&A With Alpha-Male, Brian Mazza

Brian MazzaBrian Mazza, partner and President of Paige Hospitality group, that owns and operates venues like The Ainswoth and The Chester, is very passionate about health, fitness and self-improvement. The newly knighted Ambassador for Lululemon talks to Haute Living revealing his secrets to living a 360 life.

How did your focus on fitness evolve?
I was always a very competitive kid and played completive sports on a high level. I got a scholarship at the University of Rhode Island because of it. I’m extremely passionate about fitness. Some people do it to look good but I do it to be healthy.

When did you become an ambassador to Lululemon and what does that entail?
In June of this year I came on board with Lululemon. Once a month I host a dinner called Gentleman’s Dinner at one of my venues and gather a diverse group of men. We sit down and have like-minded discussions about all topics. We support each other’s aims and ideas. I work with Lululemon to come up with different ideas that engage people and do positive work for the community.

What other projects do you have in the works?
My partner Matt Shendell and I have a custom clothing collection called “Windsor Custom.” We got so many compliments and interest in our personal wardrobe that we decided to start a business. Everything is made to order. We are very proud that Albert Brooks wore our tuxedo to the Golden Globes the first year we were in business.
Brian NYWhat do you do to stay fit?
I wake up at 6AM every day make myself coffee and set up my day. I’m big on deadlines and being on-time. I train at ”Tone House” which is the most challenging workout around. Working out at “Tone House” promotes camaraderie and team building. It has transformed me mentally, physically and emotionally—it forces you to understand that anything is possible while getting in the best shape of your life. I play competitive soccer two nights a week—the best part of soccer is that it is my passion. Although the idea of devoting so much time and energy to yourself seems selfish, it has made me a better person—in my career, as a husband and my overall persona. This is essential—especially in the nightlife industry I’m in. It’s easy to get wrapped up in something you shouldn’t {in this industry}. As long as you take care of yourself, become healthy and stay fit, your mind and body responds and you can become the best person you can be.

I’m doing a 100 day cleanse right now with no alcohol and I have never felt better. I am operating on all cylinders. For food, I eat extremely clean. I love chicken with asparagus and ton of vegetables—lean meat and crushing vegetables all day.

You are a life motivator. What is your 360-life philosophy?
I have a sticker in my office, “Be obsessed with improvement.” To be a better person than you were yesterday. That sums it up.

Photographs Kelly Marshall and Chris Carro