FKA Studio Partner Stanley Felderman’s Desktop Essentials

Stanley and Nancy
Stanley Fedlerman and Nancy Keatinge 

Stanley Felderman is rockstar in the world of architecture. He, along with wife Nancy Keatinge, is a partner at Felderman Keatinge (FKA Studio), a Los-Angeles based design and architecture studio which recently won top honors of excellence in the interiors category at the 45th Annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards for their major overhaul and redesigning of the Legendary Studio offices.  One of the first LA-based designers to break down barriers in the era of ‘open design’ to promote company culture, an air of transparency, a collaborative energy and increased productivity in the workplace, the two are also known for infusing their own custom-designed art into the design mix. From murals to statues and other creative installations that embody and amplify the essence of the companies they work with, Felderman & Keatinge embrace the convergence of design and art. Even their twin teenage daughters have honed in on their artistic genetics, with one selling jewelry and the other producing a 60′ mural in Manhattan Beach commissioned by the Mariott. The couple has also won numerous major awards for their work with major entertainment companies, law offices, creative agencies, tech companies and more.  Noteworthy clients include Universal Music Group, MTV, CAA and Morris Yorn; their work has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum. Here is a peek at this design guru’s desktop essentials.

Stanley Felderman Desk


  • Sketches for Drago Cafe at the new Peterson Museum,LA
  • iPad that I use for everything….image of artwork for Converse shoe
  • Italian lighting catalogue with my postit drawings
  • Original Maquette for the 9′ tall Godzilla we installed in Legendary Pictures headquarters
  • Ceramic tile holding fountain pens
  • Humanscale LED light That I lovE
  • Toy figure from MTV Networks
  • Wood acoustic panel holding my invitation drawing for the IOS showroom LA
  • My recycled coffee cups
  • Marble samples for Offices in NYC Chrysler Building
  • Sample box for Drago Café “