LA: iPic Brings Luxury To The Movies


If you haven’t been to an iPic before, we suggest you go now. A night here takes movie-going to a whole new level.

When you enter the Pasadena location, you’ll find a lounge area fit for kings that does, in fact, resemble a trendy LA nightspot.

The cocktail list is extensive and on point. There are liquid nitrogen cocktails that arrive with fanfare such as the Super Fruit Spa-mopolitan (so Los Angeles): VeeV Acai, fresh coconut water, Hum, pomegranate juice, organic agave and fresh lime as well as organic cocktails, dirty martinis with a kick—a blue cheese fondue and muddled kalamata olives—and even the exclusive champagne cocktail of the 84th Academy Awards, the “Red Carpet Glamour”: Hum, fresh sour mix, Moet & Chandon Imperial and rose petal.

When you enter the theater, you’ll find leather seats that recline to a horizontal position (watch out though—you might just pass out if you’re not careful), blankets, pillows, assigned seating and gratis passed popcorn. Winning!

But that isn’t all, not by a long shot. You have your own personalized “call” button in case you want to order off of the extensive menu of gourmet treats.

The menu, curated by former Spago pastry chef Sherry Yard, who also happens to be iPic Theaters’ VP of Culinary Direction, offers items like a trio of filet sliders, huge Chinois chicken salad rolls, a variety of flatbread pizzas and delicious pretzel sticks with caramelized apple brown mustard and bacon cheddar cheese sauce.

Yard also offers a guest chef series in both the LA locations (Westwood and Pasadena) as well as across the nation in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin by inviting some of the best bhefs from around the country to create a special food offering for that month as a supplement to the menu already available.

In LA this July experience Mindy Segal’s Hot Fudge Thumbprint Cookie & Banilla Boozy Milkshake: hot fudge, chocolate cookie with smoked sugar, paired with a banana-vanilla milkshake with optional Atlantic Rum float as well as the Illegalito—rum, coconut, pineapple and mint.

During the month of August the theater is serving up Eric Greenspan‘s Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich – challah, pimento cheese and pickles with red hot mayo as well as the Bespoke Buck—housemade ginger beer with choice of fruit and your preferred spirit, bourbon, vodka, gin or tequila.

Finally, in September, Elizabeth Falkner’s Smoky Bro Pizza—San Marzano tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, broccolini, garlic and fresno chilis—is on the menu alongside Bubbly Sangria: prosecco with citrus apple relish.

Now go, sit back, relax, and enjoy the luxury (and movie)!