All You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S6

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been on the market for just over a month, and everyone from Aaron Paul to Kate Bosworth has one, but should you buy it? Here is all you need to know about Samsung’s latest Android device.   

The phone is beautiful—no doubt about it. Shiny new color options include the iridescent Gold Platinum, Black Sapphire and White Pearl aluminum frame with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with a variety of different memory options ranging from 32GB to 128GB.


The display is big, bright, and beautiful thanks to a 5.1’’ Quad HD (2560×1440), 577ppi and Super AMOLED.

Its camera is amazing: in addition to a new quick launch function, it also has tracking auto focus, auto real-time HDR, low light video, advanced 8x zoom, IR detct white balance, virtual shots, slow moition, fast motion, Pro Mode, selective focus and an intuitive front-and rear-facing cameras. Read between the lines here folks: this camera takes way better selfies than the S5.

The battery is better, too. With built-in wireless charging, you can quickly an conveniently charge this baby on almost any wireless charging platform. This innovative new “Fast Charging” gives up to four hours of battery life for a 10 minute charge, and about a 50 percent charge in a half hour. Ultra Power Saving Mode also affords users up to 24 hours of talk and text time when the battery is at 10 percent.


It’s pretty convenient for business, too: with wide support for MDM partners and KNOX enhancements enabled at launch, IT administrators can simplify deployment and device management.

There’s also cool features thanks to the Samsung Sensor, which has long been present on all devices for awhile now. However, this updated version includes fingerprint unlocking, heart rate and stress management, an accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and compass…in case you get lost in the wilderness with your phone by your side, presumably.

Is it the phone for you? If you love great graphics, long battery life, an amazing selfie cam, durability and are pro-Android versus Apple, then this is an easy answer.

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