Plan the Ultimate Book Club Party At NYC’s Warwick Hotel




New York’s Warwick hotel’s fun alternative to the usual girl’s night out is a girl’s night in which they have dubbed Looks and Books. Ladies can invite a few friends to the Marion Suite for a lively book club discussion, an array of refreshments and beauty makeover all based on the books’ subjects.

The discussion is lead by the girl group and the ladies can bring there own books or choose from some of the most popular like, The Discovery of Witches, At The Water’s Edge or Wild. The Warwick will provides the discussion guide and discussion questions.

The makeup-artist consults on makeup looks for up to six girls and uses the book themes as a direction— it’s like playing adult size dress-up!  For instance earth-tones and a natural look coincides with the book choice of Wild.

The rate of $2500 per night includes a night in the elegant suite, and specially themed room services refreshments and food.The only draw-back is the suite has one king-sized bed so the ensuing pajama party may get a little cozy. 

Marion 3003 Bedroom