Yachting Made Easy: Meet Fleet Miami

Fleet MiamiFleet Miami is a VIP experience unlike any other. A Fleet Miami membership is the ultimate way to experience the luxurious world of yachting without having to commit to just one yacht. Fleet memberships also offer members all the perks of owning a superyacht without the cost of ownership or the hassle of having to charter one.

The exclusive Fleet Miami yachting membership allows members to pick and chose from an array of yachts ranging in size (36 to 154 feet) and style. Crew members are dedicated to offer an unparalleled experience to all guests on board. Members can use the fleets for a few hours or for an extended time. Fleet Miami guarantees the highest standard of quality.

Yachting members can reserve or cancel at the last minute without being penalized and without complicated contracts. Fleet Miami guarantees exceptional service and delightful yachting destinations. Get ready to set sail and bon voyage!
_Fleet MiamiThere are three Fleet Miami Membership buy-in levels: Silver ($250,000) Gold ($500,000) and Platinum ($1,000,000)
For more info visit fleetmiami.com or call 305-615-3190