Stefano Ricci on the Definition of ‘Super Luxury’

Stefano Ricci, a brand known to create luxury accessories, has ushered in a new category to menswear: “super luxury.” In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Niccolo Ricci, son of Stefano and current CEO, shared his definition of super luxury, which is linked to exceptional quality, production, excellence and one-of-a-kind fabrics. Essentially, it’s in the details.

He said, “Luxury refers to goods in a high price range that is justifiable to a greater or lesser extent. Super luxury is a term that reinforces the value of a product, a sartorial garment, a handcrafted technique or a sophisticated niche product.”

As Niccolo explains, a man’s style ultimately boils down to a jacket, shirt and tie. However, according to the Italian designer, it’s about how one match the items together. One has to find balance in the colors, while sidestepping the clash of patterns like checks and stripes.

Creating super luxurious items means anticipating the needs of your consumer. Niccolo recognize his customers are always on a quest for unique, distinctive products. Their search goes beyond the label. “They look for new designs and increasingly sophisticated fabrics. They are highly demanding customers who are familiar with beauty and quality. Our challenge is remaining one step ahead of their desires.”

Most recently, the Ricci brand partnered with European department store Harrods to bring well-tailored suits to its male clientele. The partnership, which was titled “Made-to-Measure,” gave customers the chance to receive in-person fittings. Brands’ tailors measured customers to make certain they purchased the best-fitted suit. More importantly, it gave the opportunity for the brand to bring super luxurious treatment directly to its customers.

Niccolo has taken the “Made-to-Measure” concept to the Australian market. Having been an admirer of Australian wildlife and the architecture, the designer hopes to establish a true connection with customers in the Australian market.

The concept launched this month in the Collins Street store in Melbourne.

(Photo via Stefano Ricci)