Van Eyck jewelry launches in the Middle East with inaugural Birds of Papua collection

High-end Belgian jeweler Van Eyck launched in the Middle East with its regional debut at the Dubai International Jewellery Show. The brand creates exquisite works of art from the finest diamonds and launches in the Middle East with its inaugural Birds of Papua Collection.

IMAGE_Van Eyck Papua Riflebird Watercolor

The Birds of Papua consists of 25 intricately designed rings inspired by remarkable animals native to Papua New Guinea. Only ten of each ring design will ever be made and once the 250-piece collection is released no more will ever become available.

The company is named after the renowned Flemish painter Van Eyck, one of the most important artists of the fifteenth century and a pioneer in painting precious stones, Van Eyck handpicks the finest diamonds for each of its rings.  On the inside of each piece a delicate pink sapphire is set, a hallmark which will only be seen by the owner.

The pieces in the Papua Collection are all limited edition and clients receive the original sketches by the designer, along with information about the bird that inspired the specific piece.

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