Coya Dubai Launches at the Four Seasons Dubai

Dubai has much-awaited the opening of Coya Dubai – a contemporary Peruvian restaurant which has just opened its doors at the Four Seasons Dubai on Jumeirah Beach Road.



Having delighted the palates of diners in London, Coya has since become a popular name in the high-end dining business. Two years later, by popular demand, the award-winning brand has come to Dubai, bringing with it the soul of South America through its sensational cuisine. The upcoming venue will act as a cultural gateway to the Andes, creating an experience that is multidimensional, multisensory and truly unique to the culinary scene of the UAE.

The Peruvian journey begins from the moment guests step foot into the venue’s welcoming lobby of Coya Dubai. Softly lit and accented with antique Incan gilding, guests are greeted by a vibrant destination bar filled with trinkets and traditional mud-‘botija’-lined walls reflecting a South American and rustic flair. The bar then leads into an impressive corridor where the walls are adorned with an extensive collection of bottles and colonial embellishments. The end of the passageway opens into the impressive, two-part, restaurant with the option to venture out to a terrace; while the interior is decorated with painted murals and rich Incan palettes against modern and metallic finishes. A different site for Dubai, among entry guests feel as if they are whisked away to the Andes themselves. Vibrant music and a warm and Latin ambiance defines the scene.

Coya_members lounge

The 8,500 square foot restaurant spanning a collective 189 seats also boasts an impressive design by the London-based Sagrada, who were part of the design team at Coya London. Furnishings are bespoke and have been hand-selected from velvet-textured chairs, earthenware objets d’art and also valuable historic art released by the Peruvian government for the restaurant. One almost feels as if they are in a faraway and exotic home – that’s ultimately the sensation guests receive as they meander through the corridors and spaces of this special recreated colonial piece of South America. A rare, historical and artistic treat this is indeed.

Coya is located at the Four Seasons Dubai. Tel: +971 42707777