Studio Macura Debuts Collection of Minimalist Furniture

Prominent Dutch firm Studio Macura recently released a collection of minimalist furniture and home accessories that are as sophisticated and elegant as they are functional.


Designers Marko Macura and Ingeborg van Uden, the firm’s founders, are the creative minds behind this new ensemble of simple, yet exquisitely-shaped items.

The collection is made from a wide variety of materials, including marble, porcelain, steel, wood, and cork, and features clean lines that form a sleek and chic appearance.

2_savawww_book holder

From wooden coat hooks and marble tablet stands, to oversized cork bottle stoppers, the collection is comprised of many different objects that are not only visually appealing, but also suitable for everyday use.


4_corkwww_bottle stopper

Studio Macura gives a new definition to the words “watering can” with their stunning porcelain vessel entitled: Boca. Each of its “branches” serves a different function; plants can either be sprinkled gently from the shower opening, or watered with a single stream from the spout. The decorative felt ring is designed to collect any leftover water droplets.

5_watering can

Pero is a 3D-printed bookmark featuring a sculpted dove with a long string, saving the last page read. The adorable bird that perches on top of the book comes in three different positions — standing, pecking, and flying — and an assortment of colors. (There is also a snail version called “Sporo.”)

6_dove bookmark

Minimalistic in style, but graceful in stature are Studio Macura’s take on two living room staples: side tables and a magazine rack. Kamen is a set of two marble side tables that are two different heights and diameters. The combination of a conical marble base and an ultra-thin circular steel top forms an elegant piece for any interior design style. Meanwhile, Lako — a bent-steel wire rack — is perfect for storing reading materials in the most stylish and simplistic way.

7_marble side tables

8_lakowww_wire rack

The design firm’s line debuted at the illustrious French trade fair Maison & Objet 2014 in Paris last month, where great minds in interior design converge to share new ideas and creations.

Photos and details courtesy of Dezeen and Studio Macura