L.A.’s Most Sartorially Friendly Fashion Trucks

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Los Angeles likes things to be mellow. The Beach, fro-yo, yoga class, people like to be relaxed. As most know, shopping can be rather stressful, having to walk around gigantic stores with limitless luxury options. But when you’re trying to just buy some hang out clothes really quick, do you really want to trek to Neiman’s or Bloomingdale’s? Of course not. L.A. has the perfect option; fashion trucks. Yes, like food trucks but with clothing instead of carbs and grease. Here are some of the best in the city.

Selvedge Dry Goods
Screenshot 2014-09-11 17.53.15L.A. native Monique Cruz started this truck in early 2013 as a way of getting people to buy eco clothing but marketing it in a way that was fun. She said earlier this year that she started the truck as, “A new way of shopping and bringing a product to the customer.” The truck offers eco-made, vintage, and local products to add some hippie garb into your dressed-down look.

Le Fashion Truck
Screenshot 2014-09-11 18.01.33Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo started driving this truck in 2011, credited as being the first fashion truck in the city. The truck crams in exquisite jewelry and colorful bags carefully placed along the interior of the truck. The girls have been featured on programs like the Today Show and their style, looks, and unbridled ambitions carry the truck’s marketing.

Runaway Runaway
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Anna Wintour’s idea of an ice-cream truck, Runaway Runaway is as high-fashion as a truck could possibly get, having featured 20 luxury designers over its two year run. Right now the Audrey Hepburn-inspired accessory genius Toulouse Lautrec is on board, and L.A.’s fashionistas are running after this thing in motion trying to track down some of these mobile luxuries. Designer Gayle Shea started the truck with her husband. She was working for Le Bon Marche and began designing clothes for her friends. Her friends became ravenous for the garments, so she thought she’d get a truck to lug her clothes around, and then, aha! Business idea.

J.D. Luxe
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“Boho-chic with a splash of edge,” says the website. Man, it seems like boho-chic is never going to die, despite the fact that real bohemians almost never adhere to such a carefully laid out dress uniform. But, if you are consciously going for such a look, might as well do it at a truck, for authenticity points. J.D. Luxe is a brand. Jordana Fortaleza, a grad of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, started this truck in 2011 and it does very well out at Coachella, where people would rather keep their nice jeans pants length and just buy their cut off denim shorts at a truck, like this one. No reason to ruin that perfect pair of A.P.C. blue denims or those Levi’s Made and Crafteds, that’s a crime against fashion humanity. The truck is most often perched on Melrose Avenue, after festival season.