Mercedes-Benz to Introduce $1-Million Sedan in 2015

mbz1Photo Credit: AutoBlog.comAccording to a report from the Bloomberg News, Mercedes-Benz is going to rollout a million-dollar sedan called the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman next year.

The rumored-to-be-released vehicle, an S-Class sedan, will features three rows of seating, and is reported to be reminiscent of earlier, ornate MBZ models owned by the likes of the legendary rock star John Lennon, the fashion icon Coco Chanel and the dignitary renowned for his  exorbitant flamboyance, Fernando Marcos, the former leader of the Philippines.

The new MBZ will cost nearly twice as much as a comparable Rolls-Royce flagship . MBZ is bolstering its line of supercar variants to six to compete for luxury-car market share with BMW and Audi.mbz2

Over the past couple of years, the storied, the deluxe carmaker invested heavily into the compact luxury market. And while the plunge was fortuitous, with about 30% of the company’s sales driven by the $29,900 CLA model, industry analysts are suggesting that the new investment in high-end merchandise is somewhat of a balancing of options and risks within the automotive market.