Krispy Kreme Creates $1,700 Doughnut—Now That’s Rich

Looking for the sweetest, richest dessert that you can sink your teeth—and wallet—into? Then head to Krispy Kreme. The doughnut gurus recently unveiled a new decadent doughnut that retails for a whopping $1,700.

So what is in this culinary confection after all? Besides being dusted in edible 23-karat gold, the sweet creation features passion fruit glaze, raspberry and Chateau d’Yquem crème, and is filled with Dom Pérignon jelly.

As if that’s not haute enough, the pricey pastry is also decorated with a handmade lotus flower fashioned from Belgian white chocolate, plus intricate chocolate butterflies and ivy, accented by edible 24-karat gold leaf and edible diamonds.

Though a $1,700 doughnut may seem over the top, rest assured, Krispy Kreme created the decadent ball of dough as part of a fundraising effort benefitting the Children’s Trust charity. In total, the company raised more than $16,000 for children with severe brain injures. Ah, the power of pastries.