Cartier’s Fifth Avenue Maison Gets a Facelift

The legendary maker of jewels and timepieces is undergoing some nips and tucks to its New York flagship on Fifth Avenue. While the renovations are underway a new boutique opened its doors just a few blocks north of the original mansion. Paris based architect, Bruno Moinard, designed a wide light infused space on 59th street across from the Plaza Hotel and just behind the Apple store. A massive chandelier is its centerpiece with a galaxy of twinkling crystals that  greet you as you enter and inspires the buying of twinkles of the diamond kind. Jewelery and watches are showcased under glass cases while the back of the shop highlights  leather handbags, sunglasses and fragrance.Cartier_59street_NYC-3 Cartier_59street_NYC-10

New leather collections were launched in tandem with the shop opening on 59th; The Jeanne Toussant Collection are meticulously crafted hand-bags in calfskin and crocodile for ladies with an understated flair. For men, a masculine collection called Louis Cartier named after the debonair founder and Frenchman. Of note is the caramel coloured full-grain leather travel duffle, which sits confidently on its shelf like a monument of masculine elegance.

Thierry Despont, is the renowned architect who leads the historical renovation on 52street and preserve the legacy of this iconic Paris based brand who is equally entrenched in New York’s past. The store is planned to be completed, spring of 2016 and it has not be decided weather 59th will remain. Considering that in New York the difference of  7 blocks can make a totally different neighborhood, all signs point to it continuing its life there.