Brittny Gastineau: Inside Mohamed Hadid’s Home

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Mohamed Hadid, I not only call a friend, but a true master in Real Estate. Mohamed graciously let me do an exclusive fashion photoshoot with the uber talented photographer Elias Tahan in his beautiful Bel Air California property. The House of Hadid is 51,000 square feet, priced at 100 million. This day, as you can imagine, was all GLAMOUR. Pulling up to the driveway you are greeted with black and white swans but be cautious— they bite! Some of my favorite parts of this breathtaking estate is Mohammed’s signature Turkish Bathhouse and his movie room that is the largest in the U.S. Each chandlier was flown in from France and not one detail was missed. I asked what his favorite type of architecture is, and he said moorish architecture. “When the Arabs landed in Spain they built the most amazing structures. I love French structures as well, but there was so much duplication.

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“I love to put my signature moracan rooms and my Turkish bath in every home I build,” he continues. “No matter if it is a classic or a modern design. I make trends. I don’t really follow.”

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Photos by Elias Tahan