Inside the Song One Premiere Event


Having grown up performing musical theatre, I’ve always had a deep appreciation of the actor’s craft. One of my favorite actresses today (who happens to be my age and also from NJ) is Anne Hathaway. The highlight of my week at Sundance was attending her Song One event and bonding with Anne and her amazing mother, Kate.

This event was held at the Grey Goose/Bungalow 8 space on Main Street and the vodka spiked apple ciders were so delicious that I can still taste them. As I went to the bar for a refill, I noticed that Anne was standing next to me so I decided to let her know how awesome I think she is. I confessed that I grew up performing and how it’s been incredible watching her career evolve over the years. She asked what my favorite role I had ever played in a musical was and I answered Lucy in You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, which I had the privilege of starring in at the age of 15 in Switzerland. Immediately, she called her Mama Kate over. Turns out Kate also played Lucy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and the next thing I knew we were all having a musical theatre moment, which may or may not have involved us singing of “A Book Report on Peter Rabbit” (aka the most fun ensemble number from the production, as it is sung in rounds).

I asked Anne what her favorite part of this film was and without even a moment’s hesitation she replied “the friendships.” She explained that this was a true passion project that she and her husband had been working on for two years prior to the actual commencement of filming. What was even nicer than her reply was how genuine she truly was.

After our nice chat, I made my way to the other part of the party, which was upstairs. As I went to the bar for one last tasty cider, I spotted my friend Oliver, better known as DJ Spider, spinning the amazing tunes I had been enjoying all night. Quite an evening it was!