Haute 100 NY Update: Ralph Lauren Reveals Team USA Olympic Uniforms


In just two short weeks, the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics will be underway and one thing is for sure—Team USA is going to be styling! Iconic American fashion designer Ralph Lauren recently debuted the patriotic duds that the US Olympic athletes will be sporting during the opening ceremony in Sochi.

Comprised of white sweat pants, red, white and blue cable knit cardigans, insulating beanies and heavy duty boots, it’s safe to say that Lauren’s designs are equal parts chic and equal parts comfy. All in the all, the perfect ensemble for braving Sochi’s frigid temperatures!

Unlike past years, all of the garments have been made right here in the USA. And for those fans looking to own a piece of the Olympic magic all year long, all of the apparel will be available for purchase online, with 100 percent of cardigan sales going towards to the International Olympic Committee.