Enjoying Sweet Suites at Sundance

The Eddie Bauer Adventure House - Day  2 - 2014 Park City

While most think of the films and epic parties when it comes to Sundance, it is also known as Home of the Gifting Suites—the sweetest secret perk of being in Park City for opening weekend. Luxury brands from across the world have a presence at the Film Festival where they have access to celebrities, influencers, industry folk and press. Tastemakers bounce between the suites and are lavished with gifts from smart phones to smart water; the more expensive, the more famous you have to be to get it “gifted.”

On Saturday afternoon, I visited Eddie Bauer’s Adventure House and the “It’s So Miami” Lounge. I walked past two clothing racks immediately spotting a super cute Eddie Bauer vest that would soon be mine, as well as a sexy army green jacket I picked out for my dear friend/Fundance housemate, Justin Bird (of Millionaire Matchmaker), who joined me for the day.

As I made my way to the back of the room, the rock-climbing wall that faced me became more and more intimidating. Justin, being the athlete that he is, was all about us getting involved and gave me a “let’s do this” kind of look. Simultaneously, I overheard a woman walking by mention that she hadn’t seen any women get up there yet… and now I had something to prove. Who knows, maybe I’d make python boots, rocks and harnesses a new trend?!

Celebrities in attendance included Shaun Sipos, Molly Shannon, Joe Manganiello (even better looking in person), Krysten Ritter, Miles Teller, Cameron Monaghan, Andie MacDowell, Ireland Baldwin, Tyler James, Joey King, Elle Fanning, and Christina Hendricks.

Following the fun climb, we made our way over to the “It’s So Miami” Lounge. The words “Kissing Booth” immediately caught my eye. Hello Product had a kissing/photo booth where people were posing with breath spray then posting to social media, after which $1 per post went to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. Of course, we hopped right on in and had some fun.

We continued up Main Street to visit my friend Mike Heller & the Talent Resources team at the TR Suites. Having known Mike since I was a young girl, vising the TR Suites is always extra fun as they’re like family. Highlights at the TR Suites included unique and tasty avocado snacks from Avocados of Mexico, being gifted an adorable snow hat from Sean John, and my personal fav, the Dove Salon. I sat down with my dear friend and Celebrity Stylist for Dove, Matt Fugate, to add some extra curls to my hair. I didn’t know how lucky I was going to be that he was here until the following day.

I woke up the next morning with what I refer to as #JewishGirlProblems aka a difficult hair day. What made it worse was that I had overslept and had minimal time. As I remembered Matt telling me that a Dove Stylist would bend over backwards for the real woman, I called him in a panic, and back to the TR Suites I went. This time, on my walk over I met the lovely Lea Thompson. We chatted, walked up Main Street and I admitted how fond of her and her career I truly was. We made our way up to the TR Suites together where I also bumped into my friend Neon Hitch.

Familiar faces in attendance at the TR Suites included Cheryl Hines, Diane Kruger, Joe Manganiello, Zach Braff and more. Sweet suites!