Nude Photographer Spencer Tunick’s Limited Edition Book Signing at The Standard

I was always told I was ahead of my time. In college, I lived in Boston, and constantly traveled. One of my most frequented cities, was New York. I would go stay with my aunt, A.L. Steiner, acclaimed artist from Miami who will, FYI, be showing at the Whitney Biennial in March during the Armory Art Fair (Manhattan’s version of Basel). A.L. is pretty huge in the art world and has major contemporaries and friends that include Cindy Sherman. If you have been to a museum in this world, you have likely seen her ‘selfie’ photography. So, A.L. brought this college student (moi circa 2002) to Cindy’s Halloween party in her massive SoHO apartment. From what I can recall, among the crowd included many of Andy Warhol’s muse’s children, like Viva’s daughter actress Gaby Hoffmann with her sister Alex, and Molly Ringwald, the star of the movie Sixteen Candles.

Miami Born and Raised Artist A.L. Steiner, who’s works are owned by Saatchi, Patrick McMullan and beyond, introduced me to Spencer Tunick at the Home of Cindy Sherman over ten years ago.


Cindy Sherman.

Because people just love to talk to me (I suppose I am approachable), an artist named Spencer Tunick struck up a conversation, admiring my physique and asking me to be his muse. Not only did I become his muse, we became dear friends and I own a piece of his work. I also took part in his group exhibit in Miami that was held at the hotel of Cricket and Marty Taplin, the Sagamore.

Tunick’s Miami Project, Commissioned by the Taplin’s. At the Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach, Circa 2007.

Spencer Tunick, if the name does not sound familiar, is the artist who is known for traveling around the world, breaking boundaries and photographing massive groups of people, from all walks of life, well, naked. So: he is famous for capturing nudity. Not bad. HBO also did a series on Tunick called Naked States.

spenc erin
An old photo of Spencer and I during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Would you like to own a piece of Spencer’s? How about meet him? You can! On Friday from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Tunick will be at the Standard Hotel on Miami Beach for a book signing of his latest endeavor, a new book called European Installations.”

Tunick’s limited edition book, only 1400 copies available! Haute!