Mayor Bloomberg Celebrates Birth of Grandson with NY Firefighters


Always one to give back to his community, Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent Christmas day visiting on-duty firefighters in Long Island City. To thank the Mayor for his ongoing contributions to the city of New York and celebrate the new addition to his family, the Engine 258/Ladder 115 firefighters presented Bloomberg with a mug emblazoned with the words, “#1 Grandpa.”

The Mayor’s daughter, Georgina Bloomberg, gave birth to a baby boy named named Jasper on Dec. 24. “I spent a few minutes with her, and oohed and aahed,” he told WCBS radio. “It’s you, it’s your flesh and blood, it’s my former wife, I mean both of us created something.”

The normally serious Mayor couldn’t resist gushing about the family’s new bundle of joy as he proudly displayed his new mug for all to see. “Whether he’s going to join the Police Department, I have absolutely no idea,” he joked. “He did not tell me anything yesterday, as you might imagine.”

Photo credit: NYDN