Haute 100 Update: Diane Von Furstenberg To Launch New Reality TV Series

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Famed fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg is launching a new reality TV series that will be anything but your average fashion show. Instead, Furstenberg will use the show as a means to find a new brand ambassador. Although a highly demanded position, the parameters for such a new profession are still a bit unclear so the show will be both entertaining and informative for most viewers.

The show is currently referred to as the “DVF DocuSeries” and is being produced by Electus, the same group behind “Fashion Star.” The show will follow eight fashion savvy contestants on their journey as they are trained as brand ambassadors with the incentive of potentially becoming part of the DVF team. Even though reality shows pop up in abundance, this new series already promises variation from the tired fashion world plotlines. The “DVF DocuSeries” will definitely be worth a watch because Furstenberg doesn’t put her name on anything that isn’t brilliant.