Will Cotton Displays Pastry-Inspired Prints at Pace Gallery

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Gifted painter of enticing gluttonous works of art, Will Cotton, is bringing his masterpieces to Pace Gallery in New York City. The artist originally focused on works comprised of nude models, but recently broke that mold to feature famous faces amidst a Candy Land paradise. Best known for his work with singer Katy Perry, Cotton says he actually prefers to use less recognizable faces so as not to lose the mastery behind the fame of the subject.

“You might have noticed that I didn’t actually mention her name in conjunction with any of the titles,” Cotton revealed to The Daily Beast. “My hope is that there are these stages of removal because I’m dressing her up, photographing her, and making prints off those photographs.”

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The tasty tapestries included in Cotton’s new installment feature Elle Fanning as a delicate work of art, merged effortlessly with his pastry-infused fashion. A cotton candy headpiece can be seen in one piece, while a dress with a serving platter covered with petit fours is another stunning work. Cotton’s brilliant oil paintings continue to evolve as he makes use of current fashion with a sweet twist. One of the pieces in the installation features Fanning piping icing onto a Dolce and Gabbana cage dress.

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Big projects continue for Cotton and his mouth-watering works of art. His culinary expertise and artistic gift have come in handy in his recent collaboration with Laudrèe, the celebrated French Macaroon bakery. The artist designed a specific flavor, Ginger Whipped Cream, as well as a luxury box to house the coveted cookies. The advertisement to come promises to be as decadent as the petite pastries themselves.