Donald Trump Rewards Hero Bus Driver $10,000

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Reality TV star, entrepreneur and real estate magnate, Donald Trump is well known for his grand gestures and philanthropic ways, yet he managed to shock the Twitter-verse when he announced his latest good deed earlier this week.

“The bus driver who saved the woman from jumping off the bridge was a really cool, great guy. I’m going to send him 10-thousand dollars he deserves it!” Trump tweeted in reference to the quick-thinking actions of bus driver, Darnell Barton.

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Two weeks ago Barton was driving his regular route when he spotted a woman hovering on the edge of an overpass. He quickly stopped his bus and coached the women to safety with the help of a nearby police officer. Using his training as a volunteer fire fighter, Barton was able to keep her distracted with questions until an ambulance arrived. “While I was holding her, listening to their [EMT’s] questions, I just prayed,” Barton told the Associated Press. “Whatever was on her mind, it had her. It really, really had her.”

It was a good deed that didn’t go unnoticed and Trump was more than happy to aid the admirable man. “That was just wonderful what he did,” Trump enthused. “And with such compassion and such heart, and such a nice guy and I just loved watching it.”