What’s On My Desk: Ashvin Kumar of Tophatter

Ashvin_Kumar_Tophatter_V2 (1)

Tophatter is a social shopping product that delivers designer products through an instant peer-to-peer approach.  This mobile auction app boasts some of the hottest designer brands like Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Coach, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley and more, and is all peer-to-peer driven. It is the first of its kind to put incredible items at your fingertips, for only 90-seconds.

Ashvin Kumar is the co-founder and CEO of Tophatter. Unlike the typical CEO he doesn’t have a desk, but finds inspiration in a variety of places and scenes, making him a genuinely “mobile” entrepreneur. One of his favorite spots is the picnic area outside of the Palo Alto, CA. Tophatter offices – especially on sunny days. Here are a few things he keeps nearby to stay inspired.

Backpack: Perhaps the most essential item for an entrepreneur on the go, I opt for a backpack instead of a briefcase. My work “life” lives in my backpack, and I unpack it with every business meeting, press encounter, or even social event.

iPad Mini: Since we’re always improving our app and looking to expand across platforms, my current device of choice is my iPad mini. Working and reviewing not only our app, but others is great for inspiration and ongoing development of new ideas, features, and ways to improve user experience on Tophatter. We got a custom DODOcase made, so wherever I go, someone can always ask me, “What’s Tophatter?”

Macbook Laptop: Any CEO could consider themselves a slave to the laptop or computer, and I’m no different. Staying connected with co-workers, partners, and family is essential to my day-to-day life.

Philz Coffee: Philz is the lifeblood of Silicon Valley, and I’m especially partial to the Philharmonic blend. A wise man once said, “Great ideas were born from caffeine.” Or at least, I say that.

A Few Of my Favorite Apps: Since I conduct so much business in a mobile sense, I rely on a few mobile apps as much as Tophatter, including Evernote for instant note-taking and reminders, Tempo, to keep my calendar in line and up-to-date, and also TripBuilder, so all my travel needs are in one spot and seamlessly organized.

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