It’s All About Thom Filicia, Biscayne Beach’s Celeb Designer

ging n tI entered Miyo Home in Midtown. I always wondered what was going on inside of this modern white building. Well, on this specific day, it was full of amazing furniture, a socialite – real estate queen and a celebrity. Yes, a celeb. Haute living LOVES them. You MUST know this queer genius: Thom Filicia. Queer, yes, in fact, he was a star on the Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I am not being derogatory; for those of you who know me, I love me some good gays! Anyhow, Gingi Beltran (le social real estate queen) invited me to meet her bestie Thom. I mean even the way he spells his name is chic. Love his mom and I don’t know her. What a treat. Celeb status aside, he is a incredibly talented Interior Designer based out of Manhattan, but is now frequenting Miami to work with Cervera Group and Beltran on their newest project called Biscayne Beach. Have you heard about it? Gingi tells me that the project is “what the bay in 1940’s used to be. The beach was the bay. The new project will have paddle boarding for residents and beach club members, and lots of toys. He (Thom) is designing the beach club and the common areas. It is located on 29th and Biscayne Boulevard, in this area it doesn’t get any better.”

His visit to Miami is short lived this time, but the purpose? He is here for a dinner with Miami’s top 60 brokers, hosted at the Gary Nader Gallery, at this very moment. Earlier, he made time to meet me at Miyo Home, as his dear friend Fati Rosenberg is the proprietor of this gem. He found it so unique and tasteful that he is taking some furniture back to NYC to display in his showroom.


Killing many birds with one stone, meet Thom. I guess it’s the year of Thom, from Thom Browne to Thom Filicia… and see what this Queer Guy has to say to every guy (and gal) in this town.

 Haute Living, well, It’s a beautifully art directed magazine. The stories are great. It has substance and style and it’s informative, smart and just defines style. -Thom

E: So, you are here for?

T: Tonight were hosting 60 people at Nader Gallery to get the people together to understand the look, feel and sensibility for where we are in the design process. Keeping everyone very informed as to what is going on and keeping everyone connected sharing thoughts and ideas. I love hearing enthusiasm, but concerns too. My goal is to make this very well thought out as a product. SO it’s about explaining the beauty, I’m excited and it is fabulous, but also it is a project that people will be proud of.

E: When were you approached to work on Biscayne Beach?

T: They were looking for an interior decorator to work with the architects Baton Rouge Architecture Firm, and that was me. Originally it was Gingi and Alicia Cervera who told me they were working on this project and then it all moved forward. I met Alicia on her Yacht on Harbour Island over New Years, Eric Ripert was cooking, it was beyond. This was eight years ago. Now this. It was funny. She spilled wax on a couch on the brand new yacht and nearly feinted. I grabbed the iron, paper towel and I fixed it. She couldn’t believe it. So, first came the iron, then paper towels and now a dream.

E: Gingi, since you are working diligently on sales of the Biscayne Beach, how is it going so far?

G: As of today we sold 198 units, and sales started 45 days ago. It will be completed in 2015.

E: Tell me the overall look you are going for in the space of Biscayne Beach?

T: The look is taking beautiful, smart and modern architecture and working with that. Then, from a decoration standpoint, combining it to be timeless, approachable and sophisticated, warm and a very appealing and with a beautiful backdrop for a fabulous home or restaurant or beach club, or for a lovely lifestyle.

E: Any new shows?

T: I was on the Jimmy Fallon Show and I am doing Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, and maybe some TV shows based our office in NYC.

E: Thom, when I read about you, I saw you worked with Delta airlines? I found it interesting. What did you do for them?

T: We did the décor for their outdoor sky lounges at JFK and ATL.

E: Who is your favorite interior designer?

T: Albert Hadley is my favorite designer.

E: If you could collaborate with architect, who would it be?

T: Zaha Hadid, she is doing a building in Manhattan that I’m crazy about. I live right down the street. I stare at it every day. I am obsessed.

E: When you are in Miami….

T: I love the Design District. My favorite restaurant is Mandolin. I love that the culture of the city. It is amazing. It has grown up so much, from professional sports to the amazing opera house, international boat shows and art. When I started coming to Miami (well, lets see I’m 27 now), it was just a fun party destination, and it has grown up into a fabulous American city, but also an amazing international city and destination.

E: What designer are you wearing now? Your style is sick!

T: Lets see what I have on? I’m wearing J.P. Tod’s, no socks (socks by TF), he laughs. And my pants are Scotch & Soda, my belt is J.McLauglin, a Ludlow shirt…..

E: And Haute Living Magazine. Tell us your thoughts?

T: Haute Living, well, It’s a beautifully art directed magazine. The stories are great. It has substance and style and it’s informative, smart and just defines style.