Relax with a Facial at White Salon and Spa

736788_430921873670035_335442146_o (2)I could not have chosen a better day to book a facial at Buckhead’s full service White Salon and Spa.  After a long afternoon of primping for Fashion Cares followed by cocktails and mingling at the actual event, my skin was in serious need of some love.  I slipped out of my home sans makeup and in a pair of cut offs and into the airy Buckhead home that  offers clientele a truly exceptional experience.  The owner Max Sanchez, a well-known Atlanta stylist and previously of Spa Sentio and Dragonfly, opened White Salon and Spa earlier this year. He mans the hair styling part of the place and leaves the other services to his hand-picked staff.

Along with Hair Services, White Salon and Spa offers a full range of skincare options including facials peels and waxing, lash and nail services and bridal packages that include up to six months of planning with the entire team.

Jessica Howard, the spa and salon manager, warmly greeted me and showed me around the full-service salon and spa. Then, Pangie, the spa’s esthetician led me back to the spa rooms where the spa services are done. I have been to many spas but this one ranks very high in terms of the comfort level in the room.

The facial was delightful.. Pangie, a licensed skin care expert,  who started her career working at a medical day spa, loves beautifying her client’s skin. She is also very knowledgeable and tailors the facial exactly to your needs. In fact, although I had booked an anti-aging facial, she suggested we try something a little different.  I still got the anti-aging spritz, but she focused on treating the issues that were specific to my skin.  Thankfully, aging is not my issue yet! But, she did suggest a great SPF, lots of water and good diet to keep skin looking young for as long as possible. That, and of course, a monthly facial.

Photo Credit: Kelly Embry Photography

And although, the spa and salon is not married to one line of products, Pangie prefers Cosmedix over any other line on the market.  Apparently, Cosmedix,  which uses plant-based ingredients for proven results, is based in Atlanta. (Just one more reason to love the city).  The skincare bases their products on the philosophy that what you put in your products is just as important as what you leave out.  You won’t find harsh ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide or even glycolic acid in any of their products.   This stuff is great! I could literally feel the products working their magic and it felt very soothing and natural. I could not even begin to list the products Pangie used during my facial, but they definitely did the trick. Along with the massage portion of the treatment and my freshly glowing skin, all signs of fatigue were gone by the time I left for the day.

Unlike other Atalanta salons and spa, this place is genuinely quiet, relaxing and perfect to slip in incognito for a refresher.

White Salon and Spa is located at 2973 Grandview Ave. Atlanta, GA 30305.  (404) 816-7500,