Get Obsessed with Hash House A Go Go

hash house

My introduction to Hash House A Go Go (1212 North State Pkwy) is pretty funny. My first time ever hearing about it was while I was watching one of the Travel Channel’s food specials. They featured a restaurant on the west coast that looked amazing, the portions were huge and the food looked great. The restaurant was Hash House A Go Go, and while interviewing the owner he mentioned that they had locations in Vegas. Well I had a trip to Vegas coming up at the time and right there I decided to that I was going to find out exactly where this great new place was and give it a try during my trip. Lucky for me, when I went to the restaurant’s website I found out they had a Chicago location, I felt like a kid getting his Christmas presents a week early. I don’t know why I was so excited about it, but for some reason I was. I was there before the end of the week.

I took a couple friends with me that day and our appetites haven’t been the same since. I was right to be excited because the food is beyond delicious, and the portions are so big you can just about share every entrée (but you won’t want to). I ordered their famous Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles which were beyond any adjective I can think of, but I got to taste everyone else dishes. I had a piece of a mushroom and swiss stuffed burger that made me have one of those dramatic cooking show moments where they want you to know how good the food is. Bottom line, the food was great. So great that I actually went three times over the next two weeks, and the restaurant is pretty far from where I live but the commute is worth it.

The theme of Hash House A Go Go is “twisted farm food” and I think it’s very fitting. They make traditional dishes but put their own spin on them with bold flavors. It’s very over-the-top but in a way that works, you recognize what you’re eating, they just enhance the flavor and make it much bigger. The menu is extensive and the best part is you get brunch all day, so you can have chicken and waffles whenever you want or even one of their plate-sized pancakes (try the banana-cinnamon). If you haven’t already, you have to visit this restaurant, you won’t ever understand the hype until you sit down and taste it yourself.

And for all of those who are participating in the Chicago Marathon, Hash House will have a special carb-loading menu to get you ready for the run. The night before the race (Saturday, October 12), you can fuel up with protein-packed dishes like Meatloaf Pasta tossed with charred tomato, pesto and chipotle , the Pancake Tractor Driver Combo with two eggs, bacon, sausage, ham or crispy potatoes and more. To be honest though, you could probably get anything on the menu and have enough fuel for the marathon and more. And after you use it all up, go visit Hash House again to try something different, you will want to, so go for it. For more information including a full menu, visit