David Burke’s Primehouse Introduces “Liberated Caviar”


It’s always interesting when discussing caviar, the general assumption is that if you want some great caviar it’s going to cost a great deal of money. Well, in general that has been the case, but lucky for caviar lovers David Burke’s Primehouse (616 North Rush Street) has decided to throw its hat into the caviar ring and conceived a menu of “liberated caviar.” The restaurant has taken the timeless treat and put its own playful, approachable spin on it.

On the menu at the recently-renovated, Primehouse Bar, the liberated caviar creations were a special project for Chef Gresh. “There aren’t many restaurants in Chicago that work with caviar and I wanted to try something new that might be seem surprising to be on a bar menu”, says Chef Gresh. Featuring both variety and freshness, Chef Gresh experimented with different flavors to find the perfect match in creating each caviar dish. “When it comes to caviar, a little bit goes a long way, so I used just a few ingredients to add to the flavor of the caviar, instead of overpowering it.” The collection of caviar includes:

BLT, $12 | “Bacon” salmon caviar, tomato crema, endive, lemon pepper biscuit


Chips & Dip, $11 | Homemade “pringles”, yuzu tobiko caviar dip

Both caviar dishes include a suggested liquor pairing. BLT is recommended to be paired with Russian standard vodka and Chips & Dips with Tito’s Vodka. The Primehouse Bar menu also featured creative pairings of whiskey from local distillery Koval and great American cheeses. Pairings include Chocolate & Oats (lions pride dark oat whiskey with chocolate goat cheese) and A Little Nutty (dark walnut liquor with ursinus cheese). For reservations to David Burke’s Primehouse you can call 312-660-6000.